APSMAN General Rule

General rules and information for members

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Membership Categories

Membership categories are as follows

  1. Students
  2. Personal (individual)
  3. Company

Please be informed that payment made is for membership and its renewable yearly. It’s called membership dues.


Certified Apsman licensed Salon and Spa will undergo inspection by competence and compliance team, guidelines required for qualifications are as follows:

1. Method of sterilization and sanitization
2. Salon hygiene protocol
3. Wash area and running water
4. Convenience and toiletries
5. Method of storage
6. Appropriate lighting
7. Qualification/certification
Appearance at APSMAN event

1. Business uniforms are not allowed at any Apsman event
2. Business fliers or and magazines are not allowed at any APSMAN event
3. Any business information passed to members directly will be sanctioned. All business information within members must be verified by the Exco and approved before dissemination
4. No member is allowed to communicate to any members directly on any business information without passing through Exco for verification
5. Materials not produced by APSMAN is not allowed by means of third party sharing weather from within or outside the professional confines
6. No member is allowed to use APSMAN as a font for any business dealings. This offence will be punishable. Any dealings with the association shall be directly with the association as all members will be carried along.
7. Official colour for all APSMAN events and programs is black.

These rules will be updated as the need arises.